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As the rental agencies of the eighties had been working predominantly for students looking for shared rooms they turned into modern service agencies nowadays and work for a constantly increasing market. More than ever enterprises and employees are requested to be mobile and flexible. That is why global enterprises as well as small and middle size companies rely on the HomeCompany if an employee has to be relocated individually for several months.


1980 – 1985
Rental agencies for shared rooms and flats were established


1985 – 1990
The agencies of the big cities in Germany allied to share resources. The ‘Verband der Mitwohnzentralen e. V.’ (association of rental agencies e. V.) was founded in 1987


1990 – 1995
Flats and apartments had become half of the range, more and more enterprises discovered this way of rehousing as an alternative to the hotel. The association was branded new and established the national phone number 19445


1995 – 2000
The new brand ‘HomeCompany’ was set and went online. Outline agreements with well-known enterprises were concluded.


2000 – 2005
Stable growth in Germany and foreign countries. Accommodation offers completely researchable in the internet, online-orders possible.


2005 – 2010
Optimisation of the website and the online-features.


2010 – today
In 2011 the 5th generation of www.homecompany.de was started, a sophisticated website for worldwide presentation. In 2014 the relaunch of the 6th generation will happen especially for small and mobile end devices.

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